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Brico Management - Future Residents

Future Residents

I will be updating this page for the future tennants of Holleman Village and Champions on Luther periodically with information to make your move-in hassel free. We look froward to having you as a resident.


You will need to contact College Station Utilities to set up water and electricity before you move in. You can reach CS Utilities at 


Rent is due by the 3rd day of each month. It is considered late on the morning of the 4th and your unit will be charged $10 a day until it is paid in full. You can pay with three checks payable to *FOUR AGGIES* and please make sure to write your address on the memo line. Late rent can affect your entire units deposit so make sure to pay rent on time.


In order to have any animal, you must pay a $500 pet deposit per animal plus all roommates must sign an animal consent form. The maximum wight is 40lbs for your animal and only one animal per unit is permitted. Both the consent form and deposit must be turned in before your animal can be at your duplex. The maximum of animals in a unit is one. If you possess an animal without a deposit paid the units entire deposit will be forfeited and evection will follow.


You have the three spots in front or back of your unit. Guest should park on the street in front or the ally in the back. You can parallel park anywhere there is not a red curb. The fire lane is between the red curb on the east side of the street and the red stripe down the middle street. You can parallel park between the red stripe and white curb. Make sure you park in the direction of traffic on the street or you will get fined by the city.

Renter's Insurance

I strongly recommend the purchase of renter's insurance. It is very inexpensive for the amount of coverage. Please contact an insurance agent to secure your personal belongings while living here at Holleman Village or Champions on luther.

Although the cases are extreamly rare that you would have a need for this coverage, the idea of protecting your belongings is well worth the minimal cost.

Gig 'Em!